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How to create clear web navigation menus

To create clear menus you need to understand your customers' top tasks and use the words they would look for as they seek to complete these tasks.

Good web navigation is unsubtle. It is clear, precise, familiar, consistent, boring, unemotional. Good navigation is ugly and functional. You've just designed a new plane. It's sleek and ergonomic, fuel efficient yet roomy. You're now sitting with your fellow designers trying to figure out what to call the Exit sign. Why not call it Exit?

Every year a phone directory is delivered to my home and every year it's the same. Have they no imagination in those phone companies? I mean, come on, hasn't A-Z been done to death at this stage? Why don't they try Z-A for a change?

Your customers do not want you to come up with a new name for the Search button. They don't want new names for Home or About or Contact. Don't mess with established navigation conventions. Be as familiar and consistent as possible.

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